photo of Herman Nixon

Herman Nixon, PRESIDENT

e-mail: hnixon@wusd2.org
Appointment expires 12-31-2020

Photo of Leah Payne

Leah Payne, VICE president

e-mail: lpayne@wusd2.org
Appointment expires 12-31-2020

Photo of Carla Dent

e-mail: cdent@wusd2.org
Appointment expires 12-31-2020
Mrs. Dent is a life long member of the Williams Community. She is an alumni of Williams High School and a parent to three children in the Williams School System.
Photo: www.williamsnews.com

Photo of Mike Fleishman

Mike Fleishman

e-mail: mfleishman@wusd2.org
Appointment expires 12-31-2022
Mr. Fleishman was a teacher for 38 years and worked at Williams High School for 17 years before retiring in May 2014.

Source: www.williamsnews.com

Photo of Ann Wells

e-mail: awells@wusd2.org
Appointment expires 12-31-2022
Mrs. Wells taught in the Williams Unified School District for more than 30 years before retiring in May 2014. During that time she served on several committees and supervised many extracurricular activities.

Source: www.williamsnews.com